Korean Skincare Christmas Gift Guide

Photo Cred: theeverygirl.com

As one of the worlds top 10 markets for beauty products and estimated to be worth $13 billion,the Korean skincare industry(also known as k-beauty), is creating shock waves in the cosmetics industry.

The products that influence the east inspire new products in the west, with k-beauty inspired ingredients and innovations.

Here is our Christmas k-beauty gift guide.

#1 Cleansers

Oil cleansers– This removes makeup and takes out other oil-based dirt such as sebum and SPF. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original by Banila Co is a cult favorite in k-beauty oil cleansers. It won’t strip your skin of natural, healthy oils as it gentle exfoliates and brightens skin with acerola extract. Ester oil is used in this product meaning that it’s suitable for all skin types.

Price Range: $$

Photo Cred: Soko Glam

Water-based cleanser– This counteracts the oil cleanser and removes any lasting residue that the oil cleanser won’t pick up, such as sweat(ew), to leave the skin subtle. Beauty Water by Son & Park is hyped for all the right reasons. Made with papaya extract in order to remove dead skin cells thus improving your skins texture. Lavender water, orange fruit extract and rose water hydrate skin.

Price Range : $$

Photo Cred: Soko Glam

#2 Moisturizer

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream by Missha has 70% snail mucin extract. This moisturizer supports cell regeneration and is excellent for acne-prone skin types. It has a fresh scent and dewy finish.

Price Range: $$$

Photo Cred: Soko Glam

#3 Sheet Mask

What better way to unwind while looking after your skin than a sheet mask? The recommended wear time for a sheet mask is 20 minutes. This allows the vitamins, nutrients and moisture to absorb into your skin.

Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask by Klairs soothes irritated or tired skin. It even alleges to lower the skin’s temperature with the help of erythritol.

Photo Cred: Soko Glam



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