Korea’s First Openly Gay Idol

Photo Cred: Courtesy of the artist, Rolling Stone India


Being gay in Korea is one thing.

Being OPENLY gay is Korea is a different ball game all together.

Go Tae Seob, who goes by their stage name ‘Holland‘(홀랜드) is only 22 years old(23 in Korean age) who was bullied in middle school for being gay after coming out to his close friends.

Through his music and interaction with fans he decided to come out as the first openly gay k-pop idol in order to let other LGBT youth know that they are not alone.

This MV is rated R in South Korea due to it’s depiction of a same-sex relationship.

Large labels won’t sign Holland so he has used social media and crowd funding websites to kick start his career. He plans to release his new album with fans contributions and support.

General awareness of homosexuality remains low, still ,within South Korea and LGBT people are strongly discriminated against. Same-sex marriage is illegal.

Photo Cred: NSTP/ source of Holland Instagram

In ultra-conservative, modern Korean culture Holland is unforeseen. He went to his first gay-pride event in Seoul this year and he hopes to perform on stage next year.



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