Whispering and Tapping Youtube videos: ASMR

Photo Cred: W Magazine, Cardi B


You may have already heard of this new viral sensation that is ASMR. If not, let’s talk about it. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response,which is a pleasant reaction that happens inside the brain and can feel like a tingly sensation for some people. It usually occurs when you hear a soft, voice, are being cared for in some way, tapping, soap cutting, hand movements, spray sounds or a variety of different ‘triggers’.

ASMR youtubers or ‘ASMRtists’ are gaining millions of views and subscribers from making whispering videos or tapping videos. While there is the basic role play of a nurse,teacher,hair dresser or makeup artist, it is not sexual.

A trend developing lately on Youtube is a sub-genre of ASMR videos which are a little bit more bizarre…

Some creators are making ‘bitchy asmr’ videos or off-the wall, unique concepts that attract attention. Who knows if people really do feel relaxed after being caught shoplifting…


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