Why you should be watching @HauteLeMode

maxresdefault (1)
Photo Cred: HauteLeMode, Youtube


Luke Meagher doesn’t sugarcoat the ridiculousness and crazy world of the fashion industry. He started his Youtube and instagram account when he was 17(now 21), where he provides entertaining commentary and critics luxury,high-end couture brands.

He describes his Youtube channel as,

Fashion communtur and meme queen. HauteLeMode makes the fashion industry and fashion brands digestible and understandable for the average person. HauteLeMode takes the beauty of style roasts with brands like Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga to new levels while breaking down red carpet looks from all your most hated and favorite celebrities.

At a time when other social media fashion bloggers such as @dietprada are breaking controversies within the industry(Dolce & Gabbana China Scandal) ,it’s interesting to see where the power is shifting. Print sales are dropping and social media is on the up and up.

This is a fashion commentator to watch out for.


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