Liam Neeson Wanted To Beat Up Black People 40 Years Ago

Photo Cred: ABC News



While promoting his new revenge movie, Cold Pursuit, Liam Neeson opened up about former racist thoughts of wanting to kill a random black man over the rape of a friend.

“This was 40 years ago. I had a primal urge. I was trying to show honor for a friend I dearly loved in a medieval fashion.”


But Liam Neeson wants you to know that this experience changed him and he is NOT a racist anymore.

“We all pretend we’re all politically correct in this country… in mine, too. You sometimes just scratch the surface and you discover this racism and bigotry and it’s there.”

Neeson admitted going into predominately black areas 4 or 5 times to see if a black man would try to start a fight with him. He assured that he would of acted the same if the accused rapist was Scottish, Irish, British or Lithuanian.

What does he want to achieve with these statements?

He wants people to know that he did seek help and that power walking, surprisingly, helped him work through his anger.

Public opinion is torn between disgust and having respect for his honesty.

What do you think?



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