An Homage To The Tyra Banks Show

Photo Cred: Youtube

One of the best periods in history thus far, the early to mid 2000’s, aired Victoria Secret Supermodel, Tyra Banks’ talk show.

Running from 2005 to 2010, Tyra talked about controversial topics such as pornography, teenage pregnancy, African-American skin bleaching and ‘good’ hair. She even interviewed the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, ‘The most hated family in America’.

‘Journalists told me that a talk show wouldn’t work. Some told me I was going to get canceled before my first season was up’- Tyra Banks on starting her daytime talk show.

The show focused on women’s issues and in later years resembled talk shows such as Maury or Dr. Phil, due to the psychological content.

Backlash usually struck around how narcissistic Tyra was when interviewing guests, and apparently shots were edited to make it look as though the guest didn’t have responses to her.

One of the most iconic episodes is where Tyra airs her dirty laundry with supermodel Naomi Campbell over allegedly bullying her through their modelling years. Naomi has long forgotten their past and doesn’t seem to care much about what Tyra is confronting her about. In the end, Naomi apologizes to tear jerked Tyra but even today, Tyra STILL talks about how bad Naomi made her feel.

Other inspirational and hilarious moments ensued on ‘Tyra’ such as the ridiculously crazy ‘Vaselineeeeeee frenzy’ and the emotional, empowering, you-go-girl-‘Kiss my FAT ass!’ moment.


Yassssss yasssss yassssssss !

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