Latoya Jackson Accused Michael of Sex Abuse Many Times

Photo Cred: Getty Images



Often described as the ‘crazy’ sister of the family, by the media and Michael Jackson himself, LaToya was often outspoken about believing that Michael’s marriage to Lisa Presley was fake, that he was gay and that he abused young boys.

After his death, she also went onto the daytime talk show, The View, to voice her opinion on her brothers death being a conspiracy and murder.

Amidst the highly controversial HBO documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland‘, telling the story of alleged child sex abuse against Wade Robson and James Safechuck when they were close friends to Michael Jackson as children, opinion is divided on whether Michael was innocent or not.

She would say things like, ‘I can’t stand this, he’s nothing but a fag’-LaToya Jackson quoting how her mother, Katherine Jackson, talked about Michael.



‘Because I know him. I know that he doesn’t have an interest in women.’-LaToya describing why she was skeptical of Michael getting married to Lisa Presley.

‘You CANNOT inject yourself with propofol like that alone-the minute you put it in, it goes into your system you fall asleep immediately.’-LaToya debunking the myth that Michael Jackson administered his own overdose, allegedly.

LaToya later denied these allegations and revealed that her husband at the time, Jack Gordan, was apparently forcing her to accuse her brother of these allegations.

Netizens are divided in opinion as her early interviews show raw emotion and feeling, while her retraction of her accusation seems false, to some.


What we can say is, although she was ridiculed and ignored all these years, finally the public is paying attention.

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