Can You Be Gay & Religious?

By popmisa ( [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Many world religions disagree on a lot of things.

They disagree on what food to eat, what to wear, how to pray or whose God exists or not. But the one thing that 99.9% of religions agree on is that it’s morally wrong to be gay.

But what about gay people who have faith?

Can you be gay and religious? Can you marry the same sex in the eyes of God or be accepted by your religious community?

Perhaps though, some religions are a little more embracing of the gay community than others. Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital is known as the ‘gay mecca’ of the Middle East. Surprisingly they have been celebrating gay pride since 1979 despite being the capital of the Jewish fate.


In a BBC documentary, tv personality Simon Atkins pondered converting to Judaism as he grappled with how the Catholic Church treats its gay members.

He was an altar boy and sang in the church choir as a youngster but since dating a Jewish boyfriend and seeing how much more LGBT friendly Judaism appeared, he explored the possibility of converting before realizing some ugly truths.

 “There are more Orthodox sects that say you can’t be gay and be religious.

“There are even some that try to ‘convert’ gay men and make them straight with therapy and they force them to marry women.

“Through doing the programme, I learned that having religion and being gay is a constant struggle.

“Religion is so black and white but humans live more in the grey area.”- Simon Atkins.

Well, should a member of the gay community even try to fit into a religion that believes a gay lifestyle is ‘evil’? If there is hostility, should one try to force their way in?

Is it ridiculous to have faith and be gay?

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