Japanese Groceries Don’t Always Have To Be Expensive

Super Tamade, Osaka Photo cred: Ash Potter

At least, not if you live in Osaka.

Japanese groceries are fresh, neatly-packaged and definitely never cheap. It’s usually cheaper to eat vegetables in your local restaurant than to buy them down at the supermarket or convenience store.

If you’re on a budget and don’t really want to splash on eating out every night, Super Tamade is the pocket pinching place for you !

Super Tamade, Osaka. Photo Cred: Ash Potter

Super Tamade is like walking into a neon- crazed, futuristic, Pachinko fusion wonderland.

I’m not sure if I should be shopping for watermelons and tofu or preparing to go to a rave. Aisles and refrigerators are marked with neon signs making ordinary shopping into an actual experience.

Super Tamade, Osaka Photo cred: Ash Potter

There are roughly 47 stores in Osaka, which are easily found by searching on Google maps. Even better, they’re open 24 hours a day !

If you spend a certain amount of money at the checkout, you’re eligible for their 1 yen daily sales too.


Super Tamade Photo cred: Ash Potter

A supermarket wouldn’t often be a sightseeing spot or attraction but when it comes to Japan, you’re always in for a surprise.

So, next time you need to save your yen, pay Tamade’s a visit.

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