Hera Black Foundation Is Worth It

Blackpink’s member Jennie, is the model of Hera beauty. Photo Credit: Hera


I’m very picky when it comes to foundation but this long-lasting, matte foundation is my go to for fancy outings and times when I want my foundation to slay and LAST.

I was standing in the department store testing various expensive foundations. Too dark. Not enough coverage. Too matte…

I finally struck gold with Hera’s Black foundation in 17C1 Petal Ivory.


1554789088799 (1)
Credit: Hera

I’m not a fan of cushions so it can be difficult to find a Korean makeup brand that sells liquid foundation with a pump applicator. Not to mention, Hera has conducted skin shade research among 2,000 Asian people so you’ll find more variety in this 12 toned range than previous collections.

It is a semi-matte finish which, in my opinion doesn’t need much powder to set but still has a luminous, dewy finish when I moisturize before applying. It is very easy to apply with a brush, sponge or fingers without looking patchy.

Wearing Hera Black foundation in 17C1 Petal Ivory. Photo Credit: Ash Potter


The liquid foundation can be partnered with Hera’s Black Cushion’s as their undertones match each other, according to Hera. So, you can apply your liquid foundation before breakfast and bring your cushion to touch up throughout the day!

Credit: Hera
Credit: Hera

It has a SPH of 15, 24-hour long lasting without drying your skin or becoming dark and is contained in a 35ml stylish tube.

You can purchase Hera Black foundation from their website.

My finished look using Hera Black foundation in 17C1 Petal Ivory. Photo Credit: Ash Potter



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