Dr. Jart+ ‘Brightening Solution’ Sheet Mask Review

Dr. Jart+ ‘Brightening Solution’ Ultra-Fine Microfiber Sheet Mask. Photo Credit: Beautyandseoul.co.uk

A staple to the Korean skincare routine is a good quality facial sheet mask.

Dr. Jart+ positions itself as a fusion between science and art, hence the name ‘Doctor Joins Art’ (Dr. Jart+). The ‘+’ symbol has been interpreted differently depending on region but reflects the brands expansion of skincare products.

The ‘Brightening Solution’ ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask aims to visible brighten skin tone and provide youthful plus radiant appearance. It is a single-use mask weighing 30 grams (1.1 oz).

Although criticized for it’s price point, it’s quality lives up to it’s expense. Photo Credit: Ash Potter

The quality of the mask appeals to me as it feels heavier on your face compared to other sheet mask brands. The material used is finer than a strand of hair yet I could feel how the mask soaked in all the solution and maintained moisture when applied to my skin.

The ingredient glutathione is a potent anti-oxidant tri-peptide molecule. In more comprehensive terms, it helps diminish dark spots and discoloration. Hooray !

In order to brighten and spark a radiance in your skin, niacinamide and bisabolol have proven to work. Even if you never studied science at school, I can assure that you’ll feel the difference in luxury with Dr. Jart+’s sheet masks.


  1. Begin with your ordinary cleansing and toning routine.
  2. Peel off and discard the film liner(it’s a plastic like paper ‘netting’ attached to the mask) and apply the mask adjusting around the mouth, nose and eyes.
  3. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Remove the mask and gently pat remaining serum until fully absorbed.
The mask is white with an opaque tint. Photo Credit: Ash Potter

My first impressions of this mask was how white and creamy the serum looks inside the packaging. Initially, I thought my mask had broken apart because the sheet mask and serum are the same white color.

Even the paper sachet packaging is high quality with conveniently placed indents to rip open the mask easily. It soothes my skin without any tingly or irritating sensation.

I bought this mask brand because a friend had recommended it to me. Through research I found that many Jart newbies tried it through a friends’ recommendation.

I bought my mask individually in Seoul but they can be bought in packs. Photo Credit: Amazon

Many will be glad to know that it is fragrance free and suitable for all skin-types including sensitive skin. This is a fantastic mask if you want brighter, pixie-like skin but can be used by those with dry, oily, combination or normal skin-types also.

If my personal recommendation of this product is questionable, you can be assured that it’s a trusted skincare essential with an average of 4 out of 5 star reviews on Sephora. A Korean-American user marveled at how she can feel the difference in her skin so recommends this superb quality face mask.

I personally agree with her. This sheet mask is high quality, moisturizes my face and rejuvenates my skin.

I score this sheet mask 4 out of 5. You can purchase a pack of 5 masks here.


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