Subliminal Youtube Videos: Change Your Eye Color, Lose Weight, Become Rich?

hqdefault (1)
Subliminal video to change your eye color. Photo Cred: Youtube User SarahWhispers ASMR

If you’re thinking about subliminal messages heard in songs played backwards such as, ‘Come sleep with me, I’m not too young’ in Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears—wrong subliminal. We’re going to be discussing a different type of subliminal message than what you’re use to.

Netizens claim that watching and listening to videos on Youtube really have changed their eye color, hair color, weight and wealth. One user even provided photographs of her gradual eye color change from brown to green.

Are these unedited photos though? As with most things on the web, nothing should be trusted as gospel without hard evidence. ‘Subliminals’ are gaining a lot of views on Youtube.

According to subliminal enthusiasts, these videos work due to the practice of positive affirmations and the law of attraction. The hidden affirmations, often masked by loud pop music or incomprehensible whispers, reaches the brain to help you achieve your goal.

It’s like how if you put out positive vibes to the universe, you’ll get positive vibes back. In theory. Can messages unheard by the naked ear really change the color of your eyes, make your hair grow longer or attract your crush? The creators of this content and subliminal success stories really believe they can.

Comments flood subliminal videos about feeling their legs tingle when they’ve listened to a thigh gap subliminal for the sixth time or their eyes becoming itchy when they concentrate on a subliminal for pink eyes. The subliminal community advises listeners to drink plenty of water when listening to the videos because ‘water holds memory’ and ‘the more water you can program with frequencies,’ according to The Spiritual Boss.

The question is, if you didn’t realize you were listening to a subliminal video, would the same effects occur? Let’s say a subliminal for growing taller was played at a party for 16 hours, would everyone at the party grow taller?

This is where the subliminal success stories may be on to something. Simonesquared listened to acne curing subliminals which did improve her skin in a week. What she mentioned was that for it to ever work, you have to TRULY believe it will work.

When someone truly believes it will work, it may subconsciously influence them to stop eating as much. Perhaps stand a little straighter when measuring their height after a week of growing taller subliminals.

Comments under these Youtube videos may influence a person to further believe its validity. Most videos have lots of comments updating week by week the progress that’s been made but rarely providing evidence.

Even without evidence, all the positive comments may really confirm a listeners belief that it will transform them! In 1996, volunteers took part in a study to test a new pain killer. One finger was covered in the pain killer gel while the other finger was left as it is. When both fingers were squeezed the volunteers reported feeling less pain in the finger that was numbed.

However, the pain killer was a fake that possessed no pain killing properties. This is because if a subject believes a treatment is real, their expectations of recovery do trigger real physical factors that improve their symptoms.

This is called the placebo effect and it shows that our mind is much more powerful than we know. Patients with intense pain usually respond very well to placebo drugs but they may miss out on real beneficial medication as the placebo effect decreases over time.

There are Youtube videos showing evidence of growing taller, clearing skin and facial changes. It’s difficult to say that the placebo effect can change physical traits rapidly as opposed to just feelings of physical pain.

Evidence in these vlogs can’t be trusted either because as much as a person seems genuine we can’t watch them 24/7 to prove they’re not faking. Peculiarly, most transformations from brown eyes to green are pictures of an eye zoomed in really close or videos with before pictures taken in a dark room and the after picture taken with a ring light.

Even the crazy side of Youtube has an even crazier side. There’s a perfect internet connection subliminal, become an animal shapeshifter and even an immortality subliminal! I wonder how you could test that…



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