Star Signs: Hoax or Real?

Are Star Signs a legit way to judge people’s characteristics? Photo cred:

“Oh, that is such a Gemini thing to do!”, “I don’t think our relationship is going to last. His star sign isn’t compatible with mine…”, “Don’t ever trust an Aquarius! All of them are completely heartless!!!”

Left behind are the days when back pages of magazines displayed monthly horoscopes since more social media accounts are posting about star signs as Starbucks beverages, and predicting which nail color each star sign would choose. It really raises the question of how intrigued we are by star signs, without evidence that star sign characteristics are at all accurate.

Also referred to as zodiac signs or astrological signs, people seeking life advice for the upcoming week, month, or year can read horoscope predictions relating to love, career, or friendship, usually written by an astrologist who has ‘mystic’ incorporated somewhere in their name. Some people don’t believe in horoscopes but believe that zodiac personality traits are real. Others believe in the opposite, and some think all of it is bullshit.

Ouch! Zodiac sign, ‘why are blah blah so…?’ challenge. Photo cred: popbuzz.comĀ 

While stargazing, the ancient Babylonians, in 1500 BC, divided the seasons into 12 units based off the pattern of the planets, sun, and stars. That’s why there’s 12 astrological signs! Originally the signs were not utilized to inform Libras that they are indecisive or self-pitying. The zodiac was merely used for harvesting!

It was the inventive Greeks who finally used the zodiac to foretell one’s traits and future. They believed that based on the position of earth, the sun, planets, and stars when a baby is born, their astrological sign will accurately describe their personality and life path. It makes some sense, right?

Personally, I’ve met people who are a DNA match to their zodiac sign, and I’ve met those who are nothing close to what their sign is meant to be like. Even though 12 signs is a lot of different personalities, (some big,some small), star signs are segregated more by placing signs into categories of fire signs(Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius), earth(Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), water(Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio), and air(Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra). Phew!

Enjoying having your brain fried? If you want a closer, in-depth characteristic read, there’s your moon sign, which is not the same as sun sign(the regular horoscope that standard zodiac enthusiasts pay attention to). An exact time of birth, date, and timezone are necessary to unlock this information, but don’t fret! There’s online moon sign calculators.

It’s reckoned that moon signs represent somebody’s inner emotions. The popular sun sign allegedly represents somebody’s projected personality. Humans do adore to hear compliments and magazine ‘back page browsers’ rarely seek horoscopes that aren’t their own.

Even donuts aren’t exempt from star sign profiling. Photo cred: instagram @zodiac_reality

A Virgo wants to read about how diligent, and how caring they are. Not how a Cancer’s career will fail next month, or hear about Aries’ love life. Perhaps, if zodiacs only spat about how ‘awful’ everyone is, nobody would believe in this spiritual guidance.

Are you thinking, “I’m an individual and the stars in space don’t determine my life or personality!”? Well, you’re not solo. Regardless of how many times their friends tell them “Your aura feels like a Taurus rising!”,there’ll invariably be realists who refuse to heed what is seemingly set in stone.

Is your whole life, relationships, and future set in stone because you were born March 8th, 1987? No! Do you always happen to date a compatible sign? Maybe…








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