5G Conspiracy Theories, Burning of Phone Masts & COVID-19

5G conspiracy theorists believe that 5G networks are linked to the corona virus outbreak. Photo cred: © Neil Hall/EPA/Shutterstock

Anti-5G theorists in the United Kingdom have been setting phone masts on fire and harassing telecom engineers installing fiber-optic cables. The theory, which links 5G mobile networks with the outbreak of corona virus, other illnesses and conditions such as cancer, autism, infertility, and mental health issues, has spread via social media.

5G is the 5th generation mobile data which is 100 times faster and more efficient than the current standard 4G network. The belief that 5G internet radio waves is the root of the COVID-19 pandemic due to accelerating or causing the illness has no evidence presently.

In a Vice documentary University of Oxford cancer researcher and physician Dr. David Robert Grimes stated, “The idea of 5G is to go a little bit further up the spectrum, between 6 and 25GHz. That sounds like a huge increase, but on the scheme of the electromagnetic spectrum, that’s nothing”, and “So, if you’re really, really concerned about 5G, you should be terrified of light bulbs”.

Before May 2020, there had been 70 arson attacks in the U.K. by anti-5G groups and individuals. These theorists have claimed that Wuhan in China, the area where COVID-19 began, was also the first place to have 5G implemented, but there is no evidence to this as multiple Chinese cities started using 5G technology around the same time.

Woody Harrelson, who you may remember from ‘Kingpin’ and ‘White Men Can’t Jump’, shared a post on Instagram suggesting that 5G could be “exacerbating” COVID-19. The text in the post was by a retired Washington State University professor, Martin Pall who also theorizes that Wi-Fi is detrimental to humans.

Facebook groups averaging 60,000 members that are inciting violence and arson attacks on 5G infrastructure are being banned and shut down, but misinformation that corona virus is a false pandemic to cover up the harm 5G networks are inflicting is still spreading.




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