Staying at Ireland’s Most Unusual B&B

Have you ever watched ‘Daniel and Majellas B&B Road trip’? In one episode Daniel O’Donnell and his wife traveled to the most unusual B&B in Ireland. Skibbereen is famous for trad music, Olympic Rowing brothers and whale watching so the beautiful hills of West Cork peaked my interest. Sometimes all you need is a good ‘oul ‘stay-cation’ to make you appreciate the beauty of your own country, right? I prepared my whale watching calls, packed my black backpack and hopped on a bus with a friend.

Dublin to West Cork was draining but the guilt of not exploring enough of rural Ireland motivated us as we fidgeted for 7 hours. In the pouring rain, the bus left us bang outside Bridge House B&B. From the outside, it certainly seemed like we’d struck a goldmine. Fairy lights were scattered above the arch of the green B&B’s entrance. Faux cow heads were mounted underneath the ‘CCTV is in use’ sign. Statues and clutter were on window display but it was plain compared to the wonderful chaos and delightful treasures waiting INSIDE.


Inside was like Alice’s wonderland. Our jaws hung open and an audible gasp escaped my lips. Wind chimes and numerous extravagant hats lined the hall. Colorful high heels hung beside the door and the lampshade hem was coated with purple feathers. After adjusting to the organized chaos our attention fixated on the male mannequin directly at the end of the hall. We shot a worried glance to each other unsure if it was alive or not.

Even more whimsical décor awaited us upstairs. The stairs were surrounded with hanging weddings dresses and a rainbow chandelier. We wondered if any of them belonged to the B&B owner Mona but forgot to ask her. Our room was opulent. A bright chandelier with an elegant vanity was the cherry on top to the boudoir theme. The bible stacked beside 50 Shades of Grey added needed humor. We nearly regretted packing essentials because our room had a TV, sink, makeup removal pads and a hairdryer. We sunk into the cloud bed and quickly drifted off after our long journey.


Early morning we were rearing to eat breakfast as hostess Mona described her breakfast as ‘gorgeous’. We were also eager to see the antique decorated dining room in morning light. We skipped down the stairs, taking longer than in a usual B&B due to admiring the curtains and spotting new knick-knacks. Fruit had been laid out in artistic designs on antique plates. Tea and orange juice was resting in mismatched tea-cups. It was like a slice of eclectic Downton Abbey. We were asked to be more quiet in the morning so we must have been TOO eager.

As we ate our beautifully displayed fruit and sipped on some tea, we asked each other questions from the question cards available on each table. All the little details at breakfast had us gawking around the room like children in a sweet shop. The more we looked, the more we spotted. Just when we thought things couldn’t get more avant-garde, Mona turned on an opera-church-choir CD which changed the atmosphere to slightly creepy.


Just as we finished out fruit salads a vegetarian and full Irish breakfast arrived. The full Irish breakfast was delicious. It was displayed thoughtfully and every morning after was consistent. Mona would chat to us about our plans in Skibbereen and sometimes gave sightseeing advice. Skibbereen and the surrounding areas were gems of West Cork. Bridge House B&B was great value for money, heaps of fun and Mona was very welcoming. We loved this quirky accommodation and definitely would return again.

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