Lady Gaga Oreos Are Real?!

Memes on Twitter and Instagram spread about mysterious pink and green Lady Gaga Oreos. Like everything on the wide web, I thought it was the work of talented photoshop pros. But no. It’s 2021 and Lady Gaga Oreos are really here.

The colorful Oreos embossed with her 2020 sixth studio album “Chromatica” artwork are only available in North America, unfortunately. Many “little monsters” in Ireland and the U.K. are disappointed that only original Oreos with fuchsia pink Chromatica packaging are being sold, instead of the pink and green Oreos that scream, “Slay Gaga!”

Lady Gaga said, “This collaboration is inspired by the world of Chromatica, where kindness rules all things”. Biscuits equaling kindness is a tad dramatic but as part of the limited edition design, scanning a QR code on the packets gives access to “Gagagrams”. They’re a collection of positives messages from Gaga herself to share with your family and friends. Cool!

It’s an impressive marketing ploy because, let’s face it, in Ireland they’re just ordinary Oreos! We know already how they taste and a new pink outfit isn’t going to change anything. If you’re on the way to the shop to buy Oreos anyway, it’s fun to show your friends Oreo’s “mother monster” update, but it’s not worth hassling yourself to buy them.

In Ireland, these limited edition Oreo’s are available from Supervalu and other selected supermarkets.

Bring us the green and pink Gaga Oreos. Then, we’ll talk.

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