About Me

Photographed by Rubina Freiberg

Ash Potter hosted 103.2 Dublin City FM’s fashion & beauty radio show “Fully Dressed“, has interned for Newstalk radio station, produced features & was the photo editor for the Student Media Awards 2020 nominee DUB8 magazine. UCLA Radio aired her radio documentary “Quentin Tarantino and The F-Word” in June, 2021. She also writes for online Japanese street fashion magazine The COMM.

She writes opinion pieces, reviews, and showcases her portfolio on her blog. Her blog was in the top 5 nominees for ‘blog of the year’ at the Student Media Awards 2020. A short story she wrote was also nominated for a Student Media Award in 2021. Ash also uploads her radio, documentary, and film portfolio to her Youtube Channel.

Contact Ash by email: ashlingpotter@gmail.com